Superior Management is a knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy property management company which is important in the success of your investment.

Rent Collection

Our services include, but are not limited to: collecting rents, making collection calls, and handling all tenant issues including maintenance requests and housing inspections.


We make sure repairs are taken care of and the units stay in working order. Most importantly, we give you “Peace of Mind” because you don’t have to deal with the tenants directly. We will keep you in the loop regarding any issues or major repairs, and get your approval for maintenance done over an agreed upon dollar amount.


What if your tenant doesn’t pay the rent and eviction is necessary? We have years of experience with the eviction process. Often, with a new account, that’s our first order of business because the owner currently has a tenant who needs to be evicted. We will work on the process efficiently and expeditiously.

Day to Day Management

We would be in control of your property on a day-to-day basis, and keep an eye on your tenants while they live in your property.

Section 8

We are experts in dealing with all types of Housing Authorities including the HUD, County, City, VA, Church, etc. We can get your Section 8 Vouchers processed promptly.

Property Management FAQs

Free Consultation

Call us at (562) 902-2288 for a free consultation where we will go over
our property management services and answer all of your questions.

Property Evaluation for New Clients

  • The company will evaluate and analyze the interior and exterior of the rental property to properly provide the maximum Return on Investment
  • Suggestions and Proposals will be provided on repairs, upgrades, and improvements to maximize the Current Rents if needed
  • Research the market values and study comparable properties and neighborhoods
  • Successfully Increase Rents at appropriate and suitable times where necessary

Services for Vacancies

  • Properly inspect the home for needed repairs, cosmetic care & curb appeal (where needed)
  • Fresh Paint, New Carpet, or newly cleaned carpet and floorings if needed
  • Ensure Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors have been installed or replaced if needed
  • Ensure appliances are working and in good condition
  • Clean the rental property for move-in ready conditions
  • Take pictures of home for marketing
  • Create on-line advertisements tailored to the property and neighborhood. Sites commonly used: (Consider deleting or adding which sites are commonly used)
  • Multiple free Rental Listings or campaigns
  • Paid listing websites or newspapers when needed
  • Tear-off fliers
  • MLS *not clear what MLS means
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Early Advertisement as **COMING SOON** on highly desirable properties
  • Meet prospective tenants for showings and provide them with applications
  • Prospective tenants can call and listen in on property details at (562)902-2288 or speak to someone live
  • Collect applications
  • Waitlists