Notary public services are offered daily in our office
Mon-Fri 9 am to 6 pm. Walk-ins are welcome.
Please call for availability.


$15.00 per Notarized Signature

Our notary public's are specially trained to look at every minute details for correctness and completeness of the documents that they notarize. We expect you will have filled in the documents completely in advance before requesting for our notary public service whether walk-in, or mobile. This will certainly help us serve you better, faster, and maintain our low price due to time savings for our regular walk-in or mobile notary public service. It is our endeavor to provide quick turnaround times for all your individual or business related mobile notary public service needs in areas around San Gabriel Valley.

Please note all documents need to be completely filled out in advance before arriving to the office (Minus the Signature of course) As that is the Notaries Main Role to verify that the Parties sign in their presence.